Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Tiana :
-I am working on a masterpiece project of traveling, mixed with adventuring, also mixed with "doing cool things". With all this I will create an amazing video full of awesome things I have done.
-I want to experience as much as a can that life has to offer and really live life to the fullest. 
In life, I can take so much from these experiences. Traveling and trying new things is such an enlightening experience that I can carry on forever.
Outside of school, I know I will be a much happier person and much more well rounded! I will be able to engage in many conversations and provide input based on my personal encounters.
-I haven't really been surprised yet, but I will await the day!
-I need my GoPro camera to come in the mail already so I can start filming all these cool things I do. With that camera filming my awesome times, I will make one amazing video full of highlights to present how I have made my project come alive.
-I have truly learned that life is short and that we really need to take advantage of life's opportunities. Talk to new people because you never know where that conversation may lead. Mine led me to a trip to Italy, and now to Belgium. 

-I'm working on showing the different forms of sports and medical engineering and how they work and how they are applied.
-I chose this because I'm into engineering and also physical therapy so I found a way to combine the two together.
-the significance of my work will help me better understand how technology is helping athletes and people around the world recover from injuries. And from there I want to better what's out there already.
- this work will help me keep my passion for sports and my interest for engineering still in my life.
-I as surprised that it took me so long to find out my topic because I thought the two I was interested in before couldn't be related.
- to finish my project, I will need to demonstrate a few samples of technologies out there, what they do, how they work, how it's applied.
-I've learned that finding your passion will make work much easier and let you lead a happy life.

-I am working on making my own street wear clothing brand and getting my ideas out to the world. 
-I'm doing it because I am really into the street wear culture and I need money to buy everything I like and eventually collaborate and make stuff I like with the brands that I love.
- My work is significant because people are walking billboards and they will help me get my ideas out there and let other people see what's in my head 
-The work will help me meet new people and connect with everyone in the world
- It surprises me how many people like what I like and how many people want to help me get far in this business 
-To successfully finish my project I will need to have a finished product ready to sell and ready to wear 
- I've learned to just follow what you like and you can make an impact by just putting stuff out there 

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Working on my masterpiece has helped me begin the next chapter of my life because all of the research that I have done has given me a whole new mindset on how to achieve my goals. It's given me a new prospective that I wish I would have had all throughout highschool, a mindset that I know will help me succeed in college and enjoy the journey at the same time. I have a hard time balancing work and play. I either will work so hard that I don't allow myself any down time or I become so distracted from the work part that I tend to lose myself to the play which is not a good thing. I've realized that there is a balance and that that balance is crucial. It's important to work hard and stay motivated and determined but also to take a little fun time every now and then to ensure a positive and happy outlook. I think that this is a very important lesson to take with me while I transition into one of the biggest changes of my life so far.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The central idea and topic behind my masterpiece has been coming up in nearly everything I do. Because senior year is coming to an end, I have been faced with some of the biggest decisions of my life along with my fellow graduating class mates. Choosing what we want to do with the rest of our lives and what college we will be attending are some of the biggest commitments and decisions we will ever have to face and are the biggest factor in causing so much stress this time of the year, at least for me anyways. When thinking about the rest of my life and what comes next I try to think of what I want to see myself doing. When I feel stressed out and become too overwhelmed I think of things that will make me happy and that I will enjoy because finding the balance between working hard and doing things to keep you happy is the ultimate key to success.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Request for Response

        The first two articles discuss the roles of parents and how they influence their children. Parents are a child's first and potentially most important role model and teacher in life. The very first article, "Raising a Moral Child" by Adam Grant explains the influence of parents and adults have over the development of their child's character and development as a person. It explains studies that have proved that children learn by example and will in some ways learn from watching the adults around them. It also explains how, as a role model, you should parent and which actions you should take in order to be successful in raising your child. A huge factor in teaching kids to become high achievers in the world is to know when and how to praise them accordingly. Researchers suggest that praising effort instead of actual ability is crucial  to help children develop stronger work ethic and become more motivated in general. Praise is found to be much more effective than actual rewards. Rewards may teach the children to only do good things when there is something in it for them, where praise makes the child feel good about what they have done and will make them want to do those good things again. Its also been found that when a child's character is complimented or praised, that child is much more likely to repeat those actions until they become good habits rather than if the adults were to just praise whatever the action had been. When a child's character is praised, it helps them identify with their identities and who they are becoming as people. "When our actions become a reflection of our character, we lean more heavily toward the moral and generous choices. Over time it can become part of us.", this quote from the article explains the process of how praise to a child's character can help shape them as they grow up. Negative feedback is just as crucial in a developing child. How parents and adults respond to bad behavior has varying results as well. Typically there are two moral emotions felt by children after doing something bad; shame and guilt. Shame is not something we want our children to feel, shame being a negative judgement about one's self which can make the child feel worthless. Guilt on the other hand is a negative judgement about an action which can be changed with good behavior. I believe that it's extremely important and necessary for parents and adults to realize the effect that how they handle certain situations can have on their children or any child for that matter. How they choose to react to a specific situation multiple times can really shape the child's character in a positive or negative way.
           I don't think that there are enough people out there who realize how much of an influence they are to the children in their life. Children listen and react to everything they see those around them do. They are sponges absorbing everything that is going around them which is really important to realize and remember, making sure to lead by a good example. Although I have not yet personally raised my own child, I have three younger siblings and have watched my parents do their absolute best in raising all of us and I have seen how important it is to praise your children when it's necessary and how to properly care and be there for your children. I think that ultimately, every parent's real goal is to not only have happy children but to have their kids turn out to be good people; generous and caring people. It's necessary to start leading them towards the right path at a young age in order for them to develop good character.

Monday, March 31, 2014


It's important to draw visitors to your site/blog because it's important that our ideas and words are heard. Putting our own thoughts into words and uploading them onto the internet to share with others is a huge deal that we are lucky enough to be able to use in our day and age. It's such a fast and easy way to allow our voices to be heard.  Currently my blog is the home of many of my thoughts that i have posted to share with whoever decides to visit my blog. I believe that by voicing your opinion and ideas you are addressing the needs of all visitors because you have provided your own information to the rest of the world. To improve the value of my blog I think it would be smart to try and improve in each of the 10 different suggestions by Steve Pavlina. By making a point to put more effort and improve the value of the content by making sure that it holds importance and is worth reading, making sure that what I write and share is always original and my own thoughts and ideas, creating content that will hold its value and importance many years from now, remembering that although its being posted to the internet real people are reading my words, remembering why I'm writing and why it's important to me, letting the real me show through my posts, remembering to always write about what I believe to be true whether it's a shared belief or not, taking the readers into mind at all times, and always knowing that money is not always the most important factor. Although technology is a crucial tool in communicating these ideas with the rest of the world, it would be utterly impossible without actual human ideas and interactions, which I believe to be much more important. Technology is only a tool that helps us all share these ideas in such a huge way. It allows to interact with people all over, but again this would be impossible without our thoughts and ideas.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Literature Analysis: A Fault in Our Stars by John Green

1.  The exposition is the opening of the story when the struggle of being a teenager with a terminal illness is explained and described through the voice of Hazel. We see how her diagnosis of cancer has changed her life. Her attitude towards school, her parents, her peers, and life in general has been greatly altered since she became ill.

Monday, March 24, 2014


My ultimate idea of an expert, as I've mentioned before is Ellen Degeneres. She is someone who has worked so hard to get to where she is now and has managed to find complete and utter success in doing what she loves to do. She is such an inspiration and has gained the admiration from people all over the world. She manages to work hard but also enjoy her life which is a balance that I believe a lot of people lose along the way.